About us

 Blends of nature with body and soul in mind!

 Not Just Soap Company is here for all your skin care needs. 

We are a family run business that started in 2002. 
Great products are the foundation on which we built our company, and we continue to create new and beneficial products that will sooth and protect your skin. 
The main reason for starting Not Just Soap Company was (and still is today) to make great products that you can feel confident using.  Great care is taken when choosing all ingredients that make up our products. Another reasons for starting this wonderful journey was to stay home to homeschool our wonderful children,
which is an adventure in itself!  
We are located in the beautiful forested hills of Southeastern Ohio.  Approximately 20 miles east of Athens, tucked away on our ridge top on the outskirts of Cutler, Ohio. 
To Contact Us:
Not Just Soap Company
Cutler, Ohio 45724       419-603-0663      notjustsoapcompany@gmail.com